Stillwater Deep Sky

Deep Sky

In the course of making a routine image of M57 in August, 2013, I noted the serendipity of a faint galaxy nearby and a suitable guiding star. This proved a great starting point for a campaign of imaging which could help determine the limits of the 14-inch telescope in BB2. These tests would show the limits of magnitude and resolution of the mount, optics, and the Adaptive Optics guiding system.

The documents linked below present imagery and discussion of 4 regions containing a variety of distant galaxies.

Galaxy IC1296 - August 2013

This is the quest that started it all. A variety of closeups of the field as well and RGB composites and isolux images of IC1296 are included in the attached document. (PDF - 2.6MB)

UGC 11459 - September 2013

Images of a faint elliptical galaxy, UGC11459. (PDF - 3.1MB)

1ZW192 - September 2013

Images of a collection of 3 or more galaxies. (PDF - 3.9MB)

NGC7379 - January 2014

Images of a faint spiral galaxy. (PDF - 1MB)

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