The Rest of the Family

Several more telescopes fill out the Bluebird Observatories family of viewing options.

"Big Red" - the 18-inch Dob

"Big Red"

Created as a "light bucket" for backyard astronomers, the Dobsonian was designed around a simple, manageable mount with a large primary mirror for viewing of faint objects. More details can be found at:

This particular Dob has an early, large mirror identified as made by Coulter Optical Co. in Idyllwild, California as the Odyssey 2.

"Old Faithful" Tasco Newtonian Reflector

"Old Faithful", a Tasco 6-inch Newtonian Reflector, is a veteran of many a California-desert camping trip back in the sixties and has been a part of the family as long as or nearly as long as several of Art's kids.

"Old Faithful"

C8 Celestron

Celestron C8



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