The Equipment of the Bluebird Observatory Complex

Bluebird Observatories

Built in a backyard just outside the city of Stillwater, Oklahoma, the Bluebird Observatory Complex consists of two domes (Bluebird 1 and Bluebird 2) and a control room. Each dome sports a 14-inch Celestron C14 telescope on isolated mounts and a collection of low-noise cameras. All observing can be done remotely in the control room, and the telescope in BB2 has a fully remotely controllable mount. Additionally the complex is home to several other backyard telescopes collected over the years.

Bluebird 1

The original Bluebird dome.

Bluebird 2

The larger of the two domes at 10-foot diameter, BB2 is the more automated and spacious of the two facilities.

Other Telescopes

Several other backyard telescopes fill out the Bluebird Observatory collection.

Control Room

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